Common Voice Disorders

Whether you’re a singer, actor, voiceover artist or other vocal professional, your livelihood depends on your voice. Having a good relationship with a voice doctor familiar with your instrument and the unique demands of your profession are critical to maintaining the long-term health and integrity of your voice.

Your voice is not just your vocal cords. Your sound comes from your whole body. It comes from the shape of your chest cavity, head space and aeration, size and shape of your vocal cords and other laryngeal structures. It is also a function of your abdominal power and lung capacity. In fact, most vocal issues do not stem from the vocal cords at all.

Voice disorders fall into several general categories:

  • Infections
  • Allergies
  • Reflux
  • Vocal overuse or abuse
  • Anatomic abnormalities

With any of these disorders, prevention is key. When symptoms are caught early and treated properly, more serious problems, such as nodules, can be avoided.

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